For the majority of us buying a property is going to be the biggest purchase we will ever make and making sure we get the right property is of paramount importance. There a number of factors that influence our decisions when choosing the right property and in our experience getting the 3 key points will help you to your goal.

Price - Set a realistic budget, work out how much of a lump sum or initial deposit you have at your disposal and calculate how much you will need to borrow for a mortgage. Consider agent & legal costs, as well removals and any property modifications or improvements you would like to make. These factors will enable you to establish your upper range of the property price.

Location - The one thing you cannot change once you have bought a property is location, so take hard a look at why you need to be in a particular area and whether the location will be able to serve your future needs. It may be necessary to lower your expectations in terms of what the property has to offer to get the right location but we don't say in our industry 'Location, Location, Location' for nothing.

Potential - So take a hard look at the property you are going to buy, don't be afraid to take a second or third look. Get another person's opinion if you are not sure, property is an expensive purchase and not everything on the wish list can be acheived before you have moved in. Over time the potential you saw in the property can be acheived as finance & savings recover.