Frequently Asked Questions

Lettings - FAQ

This depends on how much support a Landlord needs. At Harj Bains Estate Agents we offer a tenant find and fully managed service. Each service involves different degrees of service and our fees we charge reflect this.
Choosing a fully managed service allows you to completely relax and put your feet up. A fully managed service with Harj Bains Estate Agents means you will never have to worry about your property being let and will create a professional distance between you and the tenancy. You will not have to worry about the dark side of your property being let such as rent arrears and deposit disputes.
An Energy Performance Certificate is a report that details the energy efficiency of a property. It gives an energy efficiency rating from A which is most efficient to G which is least efficient and is valid for 10 years. All Landlords are required to have an EPC in place before letting a property. At Harj Bains Estate Agents we have an independent EPC clerk that can carry out the inspection at the cost of £85.00.
An inventory is a detailed report of the contents and condition of your property taken before the tenants move in. An inventory is very important as if there is any dispute over damage at the end of the tenancy, you will have proof of the original condition of your property and its contents.
A Gas Safety Certificate has to be in place to ensure all the gas appliances, pipes and flues are in safe working order at the start of the tenancy and during the tenancy. The Gas Safety Certificate must be carried out by a qualified Gas Safe Register engineer. The Certificate is valid for 12 months and will have to be carried out yearly.
The Property Ombudsman (TPO) is an independent body to which Landlords can take any complaint should the agent fail to address it in which the Landlord feels appropriate.
Harj Bains Estate Agents conducts viewings for any properties we have keys and access codes for.