Frequently Asked Questions

Tenants - FAQ

Looking to Rent

The mimimum length of a residential tenancy is 6 months which gives you the right to remain at the property for this fixed term. Shorter tenancies can be sought if the the Landlord's circumstances allow but as charges are involved the chances of a short term tenancy are slim.
We are able to fast track tenancy applications within 3 working days, an additional charge will be payable though. It is vital that application forms are completed in full and supporting documentation provided in full within 24 hours of placing the initial application. Express applications are subject to safety certificates being in place.
In our experience a property must be viewed before an application is made otherwise you are renting a property 'blind'. For some tenants it is very difficult (normally distance issues) to view properties and they wish to reserve without viewing. In such cases we will request that the administration fee and the first months rent be paid together. In the unlikely event you change your mind, the rent will mitigate the Landlord against losses made due to other more suitable tenants being turned away.
All persons aged over 18 must be listed on the tenancy agreement, there are exceptions to this such as permitted occupiers who are able to reside at the property without being listed on the tenancy agreement. This must be done with full consent of the Landlord, permitted occupiers do not receive the same rights as tenants and must seek legal advice before taking this route. As changes will be made to the Tenancy Agreement additional charges will apply.

Tenancy Application

Before the tenancy application can start you must show commitment by paying your administration fee. Once this has been received we can move on with the application and reserve the property for a period of 7 days whilst you get together your documentation.
Information required can vary from application to another but broadly speaking you will be required to produce
  • Application form completed - all sections must be completed
  • Photo ID - Passport or Drivers Licence
  • Wage Slips - 3 for monthly paid or 12 for weekly paid
  • Last 3 most current bank statements
  • At least 2 other proofs of address - utlility bill, insurance, credit statements
All applicants and guarantors will be required to provide this information.

A great deal of work is done in the background to ensure your move in is done smoothly!
  • The Landlord is informed and special requirements at the property dealth with
  • Online credit checks are completed
  • Employer references requested and checked
  • Affordability checks are made against the information you have supplied
  • Safety certificates put into place and if required by the Landlord, an inventory compiled
We can only use the information you have supplied us, it is your responsibility that all references parties are informed and that their co-operation will be required.

Ideally we like to have all the tenants present on the day of the move in at our office to sign contracts however contracts can be signed in advance and away from the office as long as they are witnessed. There are special procedures in place to do this, please contact us for more information.

Life as a Tenant

Any decoration at the property must be discussed & agreed with the Landlord. Should you make any changes then it is normal for you to put back the property back to the condition you received it. This also applies to hanging of pictures, accessories, mirrors and televisions.