Take a second look

Try to think about your house through the eyes of a prospective tenant and try to imagine how it will look to them. We often read that houses should be aggressively de-cluttered and that is correct but don't think it should not be taken to extremes. A property that is too bare and minimalist does not look lived in and is not a 'home'. There is a happy medium and, of course, everyone has different tastes and what suits one may not suit another. The definition of good taste is very difficult and all of us often think that someone has good taste if theirs agrees with ours.

Create space and aroma

Too much clutter makes the property look smaller and you would be amazed how moving items around the property can create additional space. If is almost like an obstacle course, that not only creates poor presentation, it can be unsafe too. Make sure that any belongings left by previous tenants are removed and you will be amazed how much better the property will look with just one hours cleaning. A property that is clean and tidy will generally rent itself. It is always a good idea to keep plug in air freshners to neautralize any odours.

Essential repairs

Obviously those little jobs which have been left for another day should be fixed. Taps which drip, bulbs which need replacing, decor which need attention and cracked panes of glass do not give the impression of a property that has been cared for and if the viewer sees blatent defects, they will worry about what other problems there may be.

Making a first impression

Front hedges should all be cut neatly, the front gate should be smartly painted, the front door should also gleam and any brass on the door should be well polished. Windows should sparkle and the house name or number should be clearly visible. If there is a To Let board outside ensure that it does not look as though it has been there for quite a while.