Renting a property is now common practice and with property prices rising for some renting is the only option. It does come with many advantages, no expensive repair bills to deal with or worries over interest rate changes, make renting a more stable proposition. The ability to easily move on to another property, appeals to many. The pace of lettings is fast and unlike buying a house, receiving the keys of your rental home can be done in days. So you have to be careful.

Some hints and tips to explore, it's not a complete list, just remember we're only a phone call or email way.

Agent/Landlord - Just who are you dealing with? Check whether your agent belongs to a recognised body or has redress scheme if things go horribly long. What are the arrangements for urgent work, is the property professionally managed by the Agent or are you going to trust the Landlord to get issues dealt with.

Client Funds - You have worked hard to save up for a deposit and the rent, you want to make sure it's in safe hands, it is your money. Your funds are always protected in our Client Funds Account and are ring fenced for your peace of mind. Every deposit under our management is lodged with an approved tenancy deposit scheme and is safe from unrealstic deductions at the end of your tenancy.

Property Management - We have professional systems in place to deal with mutiple enquiries such as repairs, processing of rents, contract renewals and a whole load of whatever else. It's our job and were good at it. In the instance you will be dealing direct with the Landlord, are the same safeguards and arrangements in place, don't be afraid to ask the question.

Safety & Security - There are many safeguards to protect you as a tenant and the Landlord & Agent have a duty of care to you to ensure you have safe quiet enjoyment of your property. It is a requirement of law that all properties supplied with gas have an annual safety inspection, battery operated smoke alarms fitted and that the electrical installation is free from defect. If you have concerns about your property, please raise them as soon as possible, don't take a chance with your personal safety or security.